WikiFX report: The Newest Service from SuperForex: Account Packages


  SuperForex has always taken pride in the variety of accounts the company offers to its customers. From modest micro cent accounts to professional ECN and Profi-STP types, this variety has suited all manner of traders through the years. Now SuperForex has taken things to the next level by offering special account packages.

  Account packages are sets of three different accounts that come with their own bonuses and special advantages right from the start. There are several packages to choose from, each tailored to a different trading style.


  The Learner package contains a Micro cent and two standard STP accounts with different leverages. It is a solution for traders on a budget or those who are still learning the ropes of Forex trading. There is an Easy Deposit Bonus and two 120% Hot Bonuses equipped on these accounts. These will help boost the traders initial investment to greater volumes and enable them to trade more. There is also a 0.5 pip discount on EUR/USD spreads with this offer.


  A slightly meatier offer, the Trader package features one ECN account and two standard STP accounts with different leverages. This creates a well-rounded mix of the most common accounts SuperForex customers tend to create. Like in the Learner package, these accounts come with one Easy Deposit Bonus and two 120% Hot Bonuses. The discount on the EUR/USD spread is on average 1 pip with this package. It also comes with 5+2 days of deposit protection.


  This more specialized package includes an ECN account, a No-spread account, and a standard STP account. It allows traders to try a little bit of everything. Traders with this package can enjoy up to 10 standard lots with a discount on the spread (1 pip on average). There is a 40% Welcome Bonus which will apply to every deposit on one of the accounts, and two 202% Hot Bonuses on the remaining accounts. There is also a longer deposit protection of 10+2 days.


  The last package combines an ECN, a Crypto, and a Profi-STP account to help traders create diversified portfolios. The accounts are supercharged with three 40% Welcome Bonuses and three 20% Dynamic Bonuses. Both bonus types stay active and apply to every consecutive deposit. The Investor package also has the longest deposit protection of 14+6 days. In addition, it offers 15 standard lots at a discounted spread.

  Why Choose an Account Package?

  It is true that these account types and bonuses are available as stand-alone services. Traders can open any of these account types on their own. They can also claim a bonus of their choosing. However, this process normally takes time. SuperForex asks customers to have fully verified accounts for most bonus applications. In addition, the crediting of the bonuses is also not usually instantaneous.

  Thus, the main advantage of account packages is that they save time. Traders can get a set of functional accounts with bonuses already waiting for them.

  Other benefits include a number of trading lots at a discounted spread, as well as deposit protection that varies by package type. Together, this means that claiming an account package is more advantageous than applying for each service separately.

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