WikiFX report: Why SuperForex Might Be The Best Forex Broker In India


  Over the past few years, India has seen a surge of new brokers joining the local Forex trading scene. But when presented with more choice, many traders might actually find it difficult to find the best broker to work with.

  To save you time and effort, we scoured the web to find the best discount broker operating in the country. Based on our findings, SuperForex offers the best Forex trading platform in India. Here is why.

Easy to Get Started

  The accessibility of SuperForex's services is one of the first things that stand out. We are including many factors under this umbrella term, which all make working with this broker super easy.

  First off, aside from the default English version, the SuperForex website is available in Hindi. This ensures that Indian traders can access content and read about the company's products in languages that they might be more comfortable with.

  In addition, the company offers accounts in Indian rupee as the base currency. In other words, customers can make deposits and withdrawals in INR directly. You can save a lot of time and money when you don't need to exchange money every time you want to recharge your account or withdraw your profit.

  Moreover, even users without a personal computer at home can use SuperForex. The company has a fully functioning mobile app and a mobile trading platform. Thus, trading from your smartphone or tablet is a possibility.

  Another reason why it is so easy to start trading with SuperForex is the low deposit requirement. On most account types, the minimum deposit is just $1. This feature is good news for anyone who prefers to make relatively small deposits.

Lots of Bonuses

  Trading bonuses permit clients to multiply their deposits by a certain amount. Thankfully, SuperForex offers many different ways to do this. As a result, their customers can open more trade orders with less real money.

  Among the company's most popular offers is the Easy Deposit Bonus. It adds 2021% on top of the deposited amount to the trader's account. It is the fastest way to turn $10 into $202 and trade a lot.

  Moreover, the company also offers a No Deposit Bonus. This offer is fixed at $50 but doesn't require any investment whatsoever. It is a great way to try trading live without spending money.

  These are just two of the many bonuses that SuperForex has to offer. If you explore their services in more detail, you are likely going to find something to suit your needs.

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